Kaspersky Develop their own OS and claim it is “Unhackable”

The anti-virus firm Kaspersky have launched their own operating system (OS) and claim that it is “practically unhackable”.  The firm have apparently been working on the OS for the last 14 years and made the big decision not to base the OS on existing Linux OS distributions.  Instead they have designed the entire thing from scratch!

The firm have stated that their intention is to support security needs for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, industrial control systems and other vulnerable and easily targetable, connected devices.

A Kaspersky spokesperson said “All the popular operating systems are not designed with security in mind, so it is simpler and safer to start from the ground up and do everything correctly.”

Following the recent media coverage of the seemingly endless uses of Mirai like botnets formed of infected IoT devices for DDoS attacks across the globe (such as the attacks on Dyn and Liberia) IoT security is of great concern and is  being discussed by countless forums, security groups and professionals worldwide.  A number of concerns are around the lack of consideration for security in these devices with their focus being early release and profits, with security and user privacy taking a backseat in development and manufacturing.  From the sounds of it, Kaspersky’s OS might be a good start for the security revolution in the IoT industry, which could help prevent future IoT device based DDoS attacks in the future.

Only time will tell, but hopefully the OS is as secure as they have claimed, or else it could be quite an embarrassment for the Anti-Virus firm following such bold claims.


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