Worrying new Ransomware that offers Free Decryption if you Spread the Infection!

An article that appeared today on The Hacker News explains how criminals are turning the ransomware infection model on its head slightly and encouraging victims to either pay the ransom of bitcoin or alternatively infect two other devices in order to gain access to the decryption key.  If they pay the ransom then the initial victim get their decryption code for free.

The choices around morality and ethics are put into the court of the victim to decide…ignore and deal with it yourself, pay the ransom or become a criminal yourself…how many people do you think will go for this option?  Is this a move to divide and conquer the general populace?  How do attribute blame or responsibility if everyone becomes a criminal guilty of this crime??

This reminds me of the morality vs fear choice you see in “The Dark Knight” Batman film where you had the two boats, each with a detonator to explosives on the other boat.  This kind of situation is only ever found in such films, but now we are starting to see such tactics used in the ‘real’ world…

…worrying developments, and I fear more is yet to come!  I feel that swift action is needed to prevent this becoming in any way profitable for the criminals, and to prevent such trends seeming to be viable options for criminal operatives, or else a wave of new attack vectors could be heading our way in the next 12 months.


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