So what is a Forensics guy doing writing a blog?!  What has the World come to?!

Well, I created this site as an outlet to share my thoughts and ramblings with whoever found them to be interesting.  Often I find myself getting quite passionate or fascinated by certain events, activities or happenings, and often when I discuss them over a coffee (or something stronger) with friends, family and colleagues it sometimes comes out as an unstructured, garbled mess, or simply something that they may not be interested in.  I decided to setup this site as an outlet for those thoughts so I wouldn’t have to risk boring those closest to me with my inane mutterings, and also just in case there were others out there who found it interesting in any way.

Firstly, thank you for actually visiting my site and taking the time to get this far.  Secondly, I hope you enjoy what you read and find it in some way interesting or entertaining.